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A Japanese name made up of three characters: Chi - e - mi. The meanings of these three characters are as follows:

"Chi" means Knowledge, "e" means Blessing, and "mi" means Beauty. It is said that anyone named Chiemi embodies the meaning of the name, and carries themselves with grace and beauty. They are kind, caring, considerate, and often very spiritual.

Japanese traditions states that any man fortunate enough to marry a woman named Chiemi will be blessed with contentment and lots of spotted Koi fish. While he will likley develop a bald spot on his head, he will surely gain what would be otherwise unattainable knowledge about random topics, that will likley only be of any value at strange cocktail parties.

Men marrying women named Chiemi will feel an intense need to call them every day around 10:30 AM, to affirm their love and devotion. Unfortunately for these men, women named Chiemi age physically very slow, which often leads to the men they are married to appearing to be "rocking the cradle" so to speak.
Hey Chiemi you're so fine, your so fine you blow my mind. Hey Chiemi.

Common nick names for Chiemi:

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