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1. Acting smarter than you actually are.
2. Wardrobe consisting of just work attire.
3. Often spotted at the track and casino.
4. Blaming others for your own inadequacies.
5. Thinking your "Daaaaddddy".
6. Often asks the question, "Who's this guy?"
7. Having a boyfriend from Chattanooga, Tennesee.
8. Also known as a bum
9. A huge fan of the winning team.
10. Contantly recieving personal calls on everyone else's line.
11. Speaking quietly as if your talking to a flea.
12. Being the best air-guitar and air-basketball player ever.
13. Having a son that will be the first to play all of the four major sports perfessionally.
14. Showing hate towards people with pin-heads.
15. Claiming to have a girlfriend named Wendy.
16. Putting on knee-pads when upper-authority walks through the door.
Richard: I hate that bellman that brought the luggage up!!!

Morgan: I know!!! Thats why I didn't tip him!

Richard: He was so Chicoesque!!!
by ImDaddy! April 11, 2010
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