A skinny legend who deserves to be treated like a queen. Is NOT an anime watcher because anime is weird.
Damn! Who’s that skinny legend? Definitely a Chianne.
by Please, SAVE Me June 15, 2018
the term for a person who gets drunk and releases crap in a roommates blanket.
"Did you get drunk and chianne on my blanket?"
by theroommate April 29, 2009
A type of person who is super shy and typically loves anime too much which is Weeboo status. Clean-ish pipes but does take DicK like a Champion. Sometimes too nice so she'll stay with an Antanogi even if he has a small dick
Oh my gosh... you haven't left the house in days but you still have a boyfriend.. What a total Chianne
by YUM YUM5 August 31, 2015
A girl (usually) that's quiet, kind hearted and will do anything for the one who has her heart. But don't take her for granted, once on her bad side she can do damage and you'll regret hurting her. Chi Ann can also be very loud at times and is a humorous girl.
"ChiAnn is so quiet at school but when at home she's crazy"
by LoverHer August 31, 2013