Chevaughn is sexy and incredible. He knows how to love you and highly protective. He is caring and loving. He's one of the reason you wake up in the morning. He's make you smile when your having a bad day. He is insanely resistable. He's funny and is the most amazing person to be with or know or even meet. He is loyal and strong. He has this type of personality that will make you think ,
" where has he been my whole life ?" His hugs and cuddles are like hugging a teddy bear. And when you make love to him , thats the time you will realize that hes the one.
"Im craving some Chevaughn "
by __g0ld3n__ July 05, 2016
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1 half of the Money Makin Jamaicans. Will call you gay thirty seconds after he just face fucked his friend. Thinks he is fastest man alive; and is correct. Highkey wishes he was a lightskin.
Chevaughn: Quit playin aroond
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by dtruj February 02, 2017
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