Stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and talented. And fun and nice. All wrapped up into one adorable package. The perfect girl.
That girl is so Chetna
by ksldjf23 October 30, 2011
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1. A funny person
2. A person who tries to be funny but rarely succeeds

3. A person with a mom who likes to feed people.

1. Reliable; someone you can count on.

2. Monkey-loving
Look at that poor Chetna hiding her shame on the stage; I wish people wouldn't throw stuffed monkeys at her for her poor performance.

My Chetna neighbor, Laaamy, never fails to make me smile.

My Chetna friend wanted to become a monkey, but they monkeys didn't like her lunchbox, and she was allergic to bananas.
by Qianny February 04, 2010
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