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Chetister. Typically used as a last name. Those who bear the Chetister name are big, strong, stubborn, sly, witty people. But in a family whose last name is Chetister there are as always the bad and good. The bad will seem like friendly, warm-hearted people but they are snakes in disguise trying to force things to be their way or the highway which is still their way. The bad try to be the dominant alpha only to lead to something wretched and horrid for they put their pride above all.
The good Chetisters, they are usually the black sheep, the misfits, the ones that never belonged truly. They are the ones that are filled with loyalty, justice, fairness, and love. These people could have nothing, starving, depressed, and ready to just die, but still try to help you in any way they can. They will open their homes and hearts to you if you treat them like a human being in the very least. The good ones are not stupid though, you will have to earn their trust if you want to be with them (platonically or romantically) for they've been burned, used, and thrown away to the point where they are broken. If you treat the good ones with decency and respect, they will do the same and so much more just in return. You could give one of them half your sandwich when they have no food and when they can they'll prepare you for a kings feast only to show you their appreciation over your simple act of kindness. So in the end there are two sides to the family of Chetisters so be careful
What the hell, Mary Chetister how could you do this?! We gave you everything and you betrayed us!

Person 1: "Oh hey it's Ariel Chetister! You know she's really cool, last year I talked to her when she was new and did'nt know anyone, and the nect day she came to school with a bag of cookies for me just for being nice to her."
Person 2: "Dude I know right, but last week this one dude acted really nice to her and then said 'Hey I was nice to you right, so do you wanna get together tonight and mess around?' and when she asked what did he mean by that he said 'I was nice to you, so you're gonna give me something back right? Well I wanna fuck.' after he finished she stood up and smiled at him. Then 'BAM' next thing we saw was him on the floor holding his nose while it bled. She bent over and told him 'No you're not gonna get anything, only those who are truly "nice" to me just because they're a good person and not out of a selfish and arrogant reason will get something because that's how it works jackass. You give good you get good, you give bad and well as you can see you get a bloody fucking nose. Now go away before I break somethibg else of yours starting from below the waist."
Person 1: "Dude..... I think I'm in love with her now. "
Person 2: "Same bro, same. "
by ViolentVioletJAC March 04, 2018
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