Outside of Delaware county an Philadelphia with only 1 city (Coatesville) and 1 major town (West Chester) Coatesville is only good at gangbanging and murder and west Chester is only good at rich people and dui’s. If your from Downingtown Parkesburg or Modena you act like your from Coatesville until you get shot and there are a lot of redneck towns like oxford and kennett square and avondale they’re all quiet and country asf. Chester county also is home to victory beer(Downingtown) the USA record for the most consecutive arsons (Coatesville) west Chester university and Lincoln university and Rip Hamilton(Coatesville) Johnny weir (Coatesville) Dave days(Downingtown) Peter Farley(Phoenixville)
Chester county: I love malvern and Downingtown and also Chester springs

Coatesville:.. ouch
West Chester: ouch..
by WCU steven March 31, 2020
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Just east of Philly, but not in it. Chester County has only two note worthy towns, being West Chester and Kennett Square. A the other towns are run down rural ass towns full of Mexicans and stupid people who think their Hillbillies. Their is no note worthy time wasting spots outside West Chester. Do not go here.
Look how rural Chester County wants to be.
by Catownerlover February 8, 2018
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A very rural part of Chester County, Pennsylvania adjacent to Delaware and Maryland. It is home to Kennett Square, the mushroom capital of the world, though a lot of the mushroom farming takes place in nearby towns which causes the stench of manure to be present in those towns as well. It is also home to Lincoln University in Lincoln University, PA and the Herrs Snack Factory in Nottingham, PA. Quite a few Amish people and buggies can be seen if you visit the town of Oxford. PA 41 is the most congested route in the area. Other towns in Southern Chester County include Toughkenamon, Avondale, Landenberg, and West Grove.
I live in Southern Chester County. I'm surrounded by farmland yet I'm only an hour outside Philly. My closest movie theater is in Delaware.
by cantbetheking August 31, 2013
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when your jerkin it with both hands
Person A: what did you do last night?
person B: nothing much I had a Chester County threesome while watching the view
Person A: we are no longer friends....
by samuraimoose December 28, 2011
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