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A group of intellectual and witty students meeting up once a week to hone their chess playing skills. Chess club members welcome all people who can have a fun time while using their brain. Some call chess club members nerds but these people are merely jealous.
The chess club meeting was a success. We added three new members to our club and we learned some new tricks!
by madisonrenee November 07, 2011
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A member of a community who is generally seen as socially awkward or nerdy.

Often times the only interfacing that the person is involved in are activities which are structured by adults or in online communities, such as HALO or Chessmaster 9000 forum boards.

These individuals are also often in the same structured types of activities and jobs into their adulthood.
"Hey, have you seen the new guy on fries?"

"Yeah, man. He's so Chess-club. He said that he's an Eagle Scout."

"Figures, bro."
by Diggler Daddy March 01, 2008
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