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The Trifecta of Democratic political might. The partnership of Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton as the obvious ticket choice to come.
1. John McCain does not stand a chance against Obillary.

2. Obillary will have the weight of the modern world upon its shoulders.
by Diggler Daddy March 20, 2008
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A member of a community who is generally seen as socially awkward or nerdy.

Often times the only interfacing that the person is involved in are activities which are structured by adults or in online communities, such as HALO or Chessmaster 9000 forum boards.

These individuals are also often in the same structured types of activities and jobs into their adulthood.
"Hey, have you seen the new guy on fries?"

"Yeah, man. He's so Chess-club. He said that he's an Eagle Scout."

"Figures, bro."
by Diggler Daddy March 2, 2008
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An expression used to describe a state of extreme frustration and angst over various social or personal problems.

An expression first coined by modern poet Steffan Piper
1. When they expel you for wearing a trenchcoat:
Go Dick Cheney
When they hate you for being emo, goth or chessclub:
Go Dick Cheney
When they tell you to absorb into the system:
Go Dick Cheney

2. Dude, I'm gunna go Dick Cheney on that guy at the gas station!
by Diggler Daddy February 29, 2008
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