You:Hey do you have any chese
You:Sorry I meant cheese stupid auto correct
Me:We are talking in person
You:*SWEATS Profusely*
by Cheezemaster69 April 7, 2020
a pink unicorn with a shiny purple horn that enjoys frolicking the green grass by rite aid, and frequently drinks smoothies while lying by da heater watching movies with the movie theater butter
ashwey-chese is da best

sabine-ja!!!!! chese!!!!!!!!!!
ashwey- i h8 moldy chese
by CHESEIS4LYFE October 31, 2010
1.(noun)A Swiss cheese with holes that resemble derpy eyes
2.(noun) Shakespearean for cheese
1.I saw a beautiful chese at the grocery store
2.Thou must attempt to lob the chese
by kittensio April 5, 2017
You just misspelled cheese. Try again or use appwriter k?
You: Bad at spelling to chesee
Me: Helps you spell to cheese
by Your local spelling helper March 23, 2022
by patricia morarez October 16, 2020
when a girl bits your dick in sex causing pain and slowly biting off the penis
she is a chese greater
by Juthashan is meeeee February 27, 2017