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She is beautiful, intelligent, witty, fun, encouraging, spiritual. She loves intensely and unconditionally. If she happens to be a Scorpio too - then watch out - there is no middle ground with this particular Cheryl - she will either love you or hate you. If you cross her - you will definitely pay LOL!!

She is committed to those she loves. God, family, friends - that is her list of priorities.
CherylAnn Cole
by RIRed13 February 03, 2010
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This girl is strong. She has the spirit of something that can over power anything. She’s one of the most gorgeous girls alive. They don’t seem much at first but they end up blossoming. She has a great caring heart. She is very loyal and trustworthy when she opens up to you. She scared of who she is and people she lets into her heart. She only trust a few. She usually has blue eye like no other. Her eyes are told to be her power.She doesn’t know how compelling her beauty is. If you win her heart in any way, keep it and don’t lose her trust, it will be a big regret. Her heart is truly as beautiful as her but she doesn’t show it. She only shows her power and strength. Don’t underestimate her or you’ll regret it. She also love to laugh. Hard to get.
You’d be lucky to carry a Cheryl Ann’s heart
by Kaddyn June 18, 2018
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