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A beautiful girl with a beautiful matching personality, Person who is uniquely born with two beautiful traits, Woman who is not only sweet but also beautiful, Red headed & painfully beautiful.
Guy 1: "Have you met the new girl in town?!?"

Guy 2: "No, why?"

Guy 1:"She is one sexy Cherry Rose!!"

Man 1: "Yo, Trisha is exactly my type! Red hair and sexy fierce attitude! Fck man! I can't stop thinking about her!"

Man 2: "Dude! you got it bad for that cherry rose!"
by dictionary00 April 25, 2010
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1. A rosy color that forms around the anus after a long period of anal sex. 2. A burning sensation that comes about after a person makes several bowel movements in a day. 3. A pain, accompanied with a red color, that forms around the anus after the use of cheap, gas station restroom toilet paper.
Can you see if I have a Cherry Rose? That toilet paper burned my butt hole big time!
by the2ndflood February 29, 2008
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