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A raunchy, unshaven vagina that is incidentally on its period. When its in the state of ultimate grossness, it gives off the appearance of the tasty dessert, cherry cobbler!
Charles thought he was going to get lucky, but when he removed Shirlena's underpants, he was repulsed and disturbed to find a CHERRY COBBLER!
by cherrycobbler December 05, 2008
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The act of performing oral sex on a woman that is on the rag and has a yeast infection.
I was drunk as hell last night and took this nasty chick home with me, went down on her, and ended up getting a cherry cobbler. That was the nastiest pussy ever!
by DRP400 February 12, 2008
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The act of a man releasing his cum on a partner (preferably the face) and then following it with a series of violent acts that leads to the person bleeding, thus combining the white and red to create: the cherry cobbler. The same act could be done by a woman if she is a squirter. Same could be called of the dick if it's been fucking something bloody.
I just fucked this girl who liked it so dirty, I finally got to give her a CHERRY COBBLER!
by Avatar8644 September 14, 2006
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