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Chelsie is a sweet girl and intelligent. She loves playing video games,movies and hanging out with her friends. She would call her self ugly and stupid but she is the most beautiful girl. She loves hugs and she is boy crazy. She is not sexual in anyway. Also she is a good kisser.She is a Qtpai and the greatest girl you will ever meet.She is caring,loving,sweet,a good listener and will make a great girlfriend. Chelsie would usually have long brown hair and hazel eyes. A person who will probably make mistakes but not intentionally hurt or embarss someone.Listens and is always there for you. A very cool person, can be stubborn at times,forgives very easily. You will love Chelsie with all your heart. She is the most beautiful girl.
Look at Chelsie she is so beautiful
by Hunkie101 March 17, 2017
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She always says shes ugly and stupid but shes The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. She's smart. She's so sweet, cuddly, so cute, and fun. And she's easy to fall for. And guess whaaa? I'm in love with her.
Chelsie is beautiful
by ReyG0424 June 06, 2011
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Chelsie is a very beautiful girl but does not believe it! She would mostly look in the mirror and think twice about going somewhere. She’s very insecure about her body even though she doesn’t realise she has a nice ass and amazing boobs. Chelsie can be quite fiery and stubborn but is also very caring , loving and loves hugs! You need a Chelsie.
Tom: “ Wow that Chelsie girl has a big ass”
Ryan: “ Ikr! If only she knew how pretty she was”
by C🤫 July 04, 2018
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One who is, in every positive aspect, a B.A.M.F. Also can include but not limited to, love for video games, movies, free running. physical description may vary but may have attractive body piercings on but not limited to the eye brow and ears…
(person one) "Hey, you know that girl Chelsie"
(person two) "You mean the B.A.M.F"
(person one) "Yes, that's the one. shes amazing!"
(person two)"Hell yeah, she rocks my socks off!"
by abkalucard.. January 23, 2009
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Famous for her deceitfully charming wit and amazing ass, Chelsie will get you to fall in love with her and then steal your soul. She claims to have been born in 1989 but she can be seen in Greek, Norse, and Celtic Mythology, among others. Many cultures have come up with ways to explain the Chelsie Phenomenon, often counting their experiences as an encounter with a succubus, siren, or femme fatale. No, this was Chelsie.

Chelsie can be found around
-computers with idiot-proof operating systems
-shitty poetry
-insensitive jokes
-recycling bins
If you fear an encounter with Chelsie, note that she can be warded off with non-kosher foods (though she is not Jewish) or neutralized with small amounts of alcohol.

Do not try to use violence against her as this will only excite her more.
Never attempt to pursue a relationship with Chelsie. She will lead you on for a week and then leave with your soul.
Tom: Dude I love this girl I think I'm going to fuck her tonight.
John: Her? No way dude, that's Chelsie. She'll wait till your dick is out and then leave.
by catcenturyx1 May 05, 2010
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