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A insult that describes a specific variety of nerd. Used specifically towards nerds who are addicted video games and/or anime and they make it part of everything they do and say. Their appearance usually consists of:

- Poor hygiene
- Acne
- Are either extremely skinny or extremely overweight (rarely in between)
- Usually have very greasy unkempt hair
- Wear anime or fantasy themed shirts
- Are usually seen consuming snacks and beverages such as Cheeto's and Mountain Dew (Hence the term "Cheese Nerd)

They are also usually mild mannered unless talking about/playing Yugi-Oh, Naruto, and other anime/nerd subculture things. They are also most likely seen playing various anime card games, video games, or reciting lines from online/television phenomenons. The term originated from when I read a article on the internet about a certain webmaster's hatred for nerds where it said "cheesy nerds" and I misread it as "cheese nerd". As you can tel, the term is a pejorative one used to describe people of that description.
The only reason Caleb joined the football team is because he wanted to cover up the fact that he is really a cheese nerd and spends his lunch period playing Yugi-Oh and discussing when the new Pokemon game is coming out.
by Lexicon Devil February 17, 2008
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