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A cheerleader or one who acts/hangs out with/thinks they are a cheerleader. Most of them share a brain and won't do anything without their friends approval.

There are several signs to identifying a cheeridiot.

1. Their purse costs over $150, is made out of at least two different animals, and is large enough to smuggle a midget over the Mexican border.
2. Cheeridiots have a habit of spraying revolting perfume and thinking it smells wonderful. Look for gagging people.
3. They travel in herds.
4. Most of them dress in short skirts or shorts that barely cover their buttcracks.
5. Many cheeridiots wear way too much makeup and have obviously dyed hair.
She's such a cheeridiot. Her purse can hold my dog.
by Lightningstarjaguar February 09, 2009
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