The state of being employed, and having just enough money to last you until your next paycheck.
Person1: Man, you should buy the new Iphone.

Person 2: What makes you think I can afford that shit? Bitch, I live check to check.

"I live by the beat like you live check to check" Outkast.
by Time World July 29, 2010
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a phrase used to emphasize something awesome thats about to take place or that has just happend..
hey your part in the song is comming up
check it check it
..then begins to sing loudly.
by AC MARMALADE April 21, 2010
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References used among inmates incarcerated within institutions of the Canadian Prairie region and possibly other institutions nationally or internationally.

Check-in: An inmate who is unstable and acts in such a way that Corrections Officers are left with no option but to upgrade the inmate's security level and have him or her removed from a low security setting.

Check-off: An inmate who is forced to move units by other inmates. This scenario is often initiated by gang members in an attempt to create available bed-space with the hope that free beds will be given to "bro's" or, in the case of a woman's institution, "bitches."

Check-in: "Fuck, bro, look at this crazy check-in. What a bitch. The goof (see definition) didn't last a minute before freaking."

Check-off: "You'd better check-off, bitch. The bro's need a bed and if you don't check-off you're gonna get done-up (likely stabbed with an improvised weapon , or shank (see definition), or severely beaten. )
by Mr. Muggs June 12, 2017
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Picked random in order to see if the e-mail sent by Urban Dictionary just comes up as spam in my account.
I see no e-mail... CHeck Check... doom.
by J G February 2, 2004
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The act of forcibly stopping the finger check by grabbing the perpetrators middle finger and bending it awkwardly and painfully backward. When performed successfully, it not only prevents the completion of the finger check, but also permanently dissuades any thoughts the perpetrator might have to attempt such a maneuver at a later date.
As Byron's hand slipped into Laura's pants, Laura quickly grabbed his middle finger and bent it backward until Byron cried out in pain. "What was that?", asked Byron. "My finger check check", replied Laura.
by momma noodle and uncle tim October 22, 2007
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used to express exasperation after explaining a topic to someone whom is just not getting it
No girl, a asshat is like someone who has their head up their ass.

How can they have their head up their ass when you said they have a hat on it?

Girl, you can get a check!!!
by vee stevens March 18, 2005
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