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For a time it was the biggest cheating/exploiting/botting community on the Web. The databases were accidentally wiped in 2012 and the site is being re-built. Beware of trolls if you're a n00b. If you stick around long enough, you'll get free samples, make some money, and probably become an elitist.
Seth: How'd you get a bot that sent you 2,000 free samples?
Me: Found it for free on CN
Seth: What's CN?
Me: Its Cheating Network,
by Chewy'sAPizza July 08, 2013
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Cheating Network is a lame ass site full of nerds and crap ass coders.

They are full of viruses, lies and stuff.

It's also a copy of the Tubby Network
kid- Do you go to Cheating Network ( ???
kid #2- HELL NO! I go to where the REAL bots are.
kid- k..
by CNSucksyeah October 29, 2010
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the site people go to before they learn about
Screw Cheating Network, Cheating Supreme has better bots.
by famousmassacre1 June 16, 2009
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