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A sweet girl who people tend to be really mean to for no reason at all. She tends to be misunderstood by most of society which makes her really something different :D.She also is a very smart and wise girl who can see right through people. She's beautiful inside and out, knows how to be cute, and she's a terrific dancer:DDD
Chaylee kicks ass at everything she does.:)
by Urbanacheiver December 26, 2011
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A gorgeous girl usually with beautiful red curly hair and bluish greenish eyes. Shes unique in an amazing way and is typically a good sibling. Shes very caring, and always jumps at the oppertunity to help anyone. Shes a little shy but when you know her shes so much fun. Shes conservative, not too dirty but just enough where its fun. She loves the beach and shes an extraordinarily good dancer. Shes not too skinny but not fat, shes usually on the shorter side but it adds to her personality. Shes sweet, funny and over all beautiful inside and out and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. Dont ever let this girl go.
Whos that girl over there shes so pretty?!

Thats Chaylee shes incredibly sweet! You should talk to her
by Isopoddddddddddd February 10, 2018
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