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1.A general term of abuse aimed at Chavs.
Of course a Chav would not see Chav as an insult.
Whether or not 'Scum' is insulting is unlikely.

2. A website about Chavs.
Person1: "You're Chav Scum!"

Chav: "You startin'?!"
by Samuel SP October 10, 2005
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A website that explains what a chav is,what they do and what people think of them. Some people dislike this website and say it is rascist and so on, but chavs haven't exactly made a good name for themselves, have they? So is there any point complaining about this site? Chavs, like punks and mods and rockers, will give way to another trend sooner or later, so the best thing to do is just let anti-chav sites do their thing. Overall, a pretty funny site if you want a laugh.
I just went tp ChavScum and they have this really hilarious picture of a chav doing/wearing/saying <<insert appropriate thing here>>. You should check it out!!!
by hungover very badly June 19, 2005
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This is a quality site much hated by skanky chavs such as the one above. Mostly hated by everyone apart from themselves chavs are a race that aspire to leave school before they are 16, have kids before 17, be the manager of a chav wear manufacturer - even though they cant read a picture book. This website aims to make everyone aware of these things that nobody wants to see and makes people wise of which peopel are the scum of Britain. (I am not a student or a goth and im not jealous of the 'cool kids' because they're not, theyre just below scrotums and tramps in the popularity chain.
Visit and you will see
by Charlie April 02, 2005
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ChavScum... Scum of the earth. In the form of a chav

Chavs are the retards at the bottom of the evolutionary line.

They wear ridculous looking clothes and acceseries. Trackies, hoodies, and baseball caps. And will most likely have a ciggarette hanging out of their mouths.

They try too make themselves look intimidating by hanging out at corners or in McDonalds.
yeh, thats right. An "emo" IS wrighting this. Get overyourselfs.

My town is full of idiotic chavscum. The scum make swindon look like dirt. "INNIT BRUV"
by EMO CIDD April 01, 2007
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Ive been attacked by chavs twice second time badly both for no reason so i think i have a right to say there mean bastards that dont seem to have any empathy for anyone even there mates. There prejudice bastards like the ku klux klan(hated black people and if there are still any still do) I dont think chavs can be classified as human to be honest because there so prejudice. Oh and EXTREMELY rare for them to pick a fair fight usually its 7 on 1. If you see a chav walking alone which is also very rare you can be sure that he'll shit himself if you go up to him. Oh and if you ask me i think alot of them seem to have retarded mouth problem cos there mouths look like gorrilaz and they cant speak english or they wouldnt spell thick fick lol.
Chavscum ring leader: come on then u fukin statin
Chavscum minions: attack wen he attacks
by jake mog November 07, 2007
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A website which is home to every cuntish moron in the UK. Includes an unhealthy mix of bored students, racist old timers and 'misunderstood' gothics. (they aren't goths, they are black metallers!) They claim to unite under the common goal of wanting to erase 'chavism', but are hampered by several problems;

-None of them can give a definitive definition of what a 'chav' actually is
-Half of them are extremists who would happily support public executions and life long sentences for petty thieves.
-The other half are teenage goths who are just jealous of the popular kids

If ChavScum were an American site, it would appeal to trigger happy Republicans. In the same way that Republicans will either call you a terrorist or a liberal when you question them, the people of ChavScum will dismiss anyone who questions them as a 'chav sympathiser' or a 'bleeding heart liberal'. It is not unknown for them to abuse, both verbally and physically, anyone who criticises them. Several journalists have been at the receiving end of their wrath, and people who sign up to their forums have often had personal details of their lives exposed, in an attempt to discredit them.

Fortunately, most of the population can see this site for what it is. Perhaps if they could explain what a 'chav' is, the site would become more acceptable. Right now though, it seems the word can cover anyone from a young kid who says the word 'fuck', to rapists, murderers and terrorists. With such a broad definition, is it any wonder that so many people are opposed to such a site? This is a clearly a dangerous situation. I, for one, am worried at the possibilty of these people one day taking over. We should contain them now, before they can spread their lies and propaganda any further than they have already done so.

This could be the start of a new Nazi era. Heil ChavScum. home to every vigilante, racist and bullied teenager in the UK!
by daviddaviduk March 02, 2005
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This site really disgusts me, for one they're all bully victims, middle-class goths and skater boys. Wouldn't dare say shit to anyone in the streets because quite frankly they would be kicked to fuck. Just go to this site right check the hate filled little jealous worms. Hopefully the majority of decent English people can see they are sad little fucks with too much time on their hands. Chav word has lost it's meaning they see someone in a Nike hoodie or gold chain they say they're a Chav. Most of the people on the forums got called a Grebo or Goth prick on their way home from where ever they venture to(probably round their mates to slit each others wrists and sit on this site) anyway, they then go sign up sit on the website and get all their anger out by typing hate filled messages and looking at pictures of people in sports clothes.

You lot on this site really are low worthless cunts. All been forced to read books all your lifes by your little rich mummy and daddy, not all people grow up like that.

Be sure to check this site people and laugh at the little worthless creatures they are. That's if you are a normal person, if you're racist,arrogant, middle-class scared shitless cunt, you should fit in well.
by gary567 November 17, 2005
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