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yeah we know it is one of the most bitchy towns in new jersey and EVERYONE around it hates it. Even some people that live in Chatham hate it. I would know because I live there. But seriously everyone who says we don't have good schools and our sports suck and we are lazyasses, have fun trying to explain why we were rated the number 9 town to live in out of 100, where none of the surrounding towns (that means you, Madison and summit) were in the top ten either. Don't hate and be jealous. Maybe once your schools get better than ours and we stop sending our rich ass kids to ivy league schools, you'll have something to say. And try beating us at sports once in a while. If not, then all those other people who are posting about chatham who don't even know what they're talking about, shut the fuck up because no one wants to hear about what you have to say. Oh and by the way, you might remember me saying that Chatham, although pretty highly esteemed in certain aspects, is still one of he bitchiest towns in nj. Yeah, well those disses didnt think of themselves you know. The worst thing you can do to yourself is try to show up a Chatham kid, because they will DESTROY YOU. we all have our own cliques, and our cliques all know how to kick some major ass, seeing the drama we go through practically every day. So go ahead and try to deny that we are one of the top towns, because we are publiced with a title for it. Maybe if you read a frickin book once in a while, you'd even know what that meant. But until then, just don't even try to make a comeback. You'll just embarrass yourselve miserably.
Chatham, New Jersey? Yeah ive heard of it. Its a bitch, right? Wait, no. That's not right. Its a SMART, KICKASS bitch who will destroy you if you even touch it. So don't even go there. Yeah. That's what I thought.
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Chatham, New Jersey may be talked about as a bitchy, mean stuck up town but the truth is...the people that say that are really just jealous. so get over yourselves. chatham is the definition of awesome and everyone that lives there knows it. Chatham is pretty much the best town ever, and we aren't that bad "chatham" that people from the towns around us say about us.
Chatham, New Jersey is the best town ever!! I wish i lived there!
by chathammislyfee October 20, 2010
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