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Hairdo used mostly by Spanish high class males. The hair in the back part is a bit longer (without surpassing the neck line) and curls up at the bottom. It could be considered a relative of the mullet, but not exactly like it. While the mullet is short on top, long in the back, the Charnedin, keeps a consistent length. You can be bald on top and have a longer section in the back. The most common form of Charnedin is slick back with tons of gelin the top, following the hair line down to the curl, and then up.
It is usually classified by Spaniards as a very "cohent" hair style. Appears in famous people in the tabloids and celebrity magazines.
Often seen in Bullfighters, Spanish business men, Soap Opera male stars, Spanish flight attendants and pilots,...
Famous people that wear it: Julio Iglesias, Bertin Osborne, Lluis Homar, Actors in "La Fea mas Bella" (Univision soap opera), ...
- Holly cow, man, did you see that charnedin!

- When going to the barber, barber asks "How do you want your hair", you respond "could you get me a charnedin, please?"

- "Do you see that guy there, the one with Charnedin?"
by Ruben Figueres May 09, 2007
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