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Cool, awesome, amazing girl, who is also a grammar Nazi.
Boy: Hi, you are amazingly awesome Charmagne.
Charmagne: You used an adverb to describe a noun!
by bucks74 February 09, 2012
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The baddest bitch. Doesnโ€™t take bullshit. An angel. The prettiest person you will ever come across inside and out. The sexiest body. Every guy wants her. Every girl wants to be her. Youโ€™ll never find anybody like her. Type of person you can hold any type of conversation with. Literally the chillest person ever. So once you got her you better hold on.
Guy 1: Is that Charmagne?

Guy 2: Iโ€™d totally fuck her dude.

Girl 1: Yeah me too.
by chrisssssyf September 16, 2018
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