Charlotte is a tall, beautiful, athletic girl. She has dirty blond hair. She has amazing eyes. People love her and a lot of boys have crushes on her, but she has her eye on one boy. He's in a grade older then her and has brown hair. He has a girlfriend who is friends with Charlotte and only a couple people know Charlotte likes him. She doesn't think he notices her, but he does. A lot. Charlotte is funny and is really good at sports. Soccer is her best sport and she is on a better team then her friends. She is super nice to everyone and has one best best friend who likes guys who are only taken. Charlotte is hopeful and beautiful and I know she will be an amazing person. She also has a great voice and loves to act.
by Neale85532 January 12, 2013
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someone who puts tissue or other objects down her top
ha, look at that charlotte, those aren't real, probably a set of potatoes
by mr.stabby May 05, 2006
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A person that is caring, loving and very accepting that needs to learn to apply those qualities more to herself because she is worth it.
I'm so glad I met my Charlotte
by anotcoolkid March 15, 2015
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charlotte is the best person you will ever meet! she normally has blonde hair and green eyes. She has no friends except her dog fin and is dating alister feazy. what a wonderful girl charlotte!
wow that charlotte girl is cool
by alisterfeazy April 25, 2017
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An amazingly gorgeous girl. The most bestest person you'll ever meet. A slaying bitch who u wish u could be. K bye
Female, Charlotte
by Slayingerday May 12, 2017
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Charlotte is nit bag who spends her time smoking cheap tobacco. At raves/parties she will ponce your nos. However, Charlotte will never fail to keep the banter bus rolling as her sense of humour is the dogs bollocks. Charlotte thinks she is a lad because she spends her life hanging around with 17/18 year olds, as she has no friends her age. She is beautiful and dresses like a butch lesbian. A total fun-loving hippie who sometimes cries when drunk. Charlotte is a dizzle bizzle who has a liking for mdma along with many other narcotics
I was at rave with Charlotte; she smokes like a trooper. Just a total nit bag she is
by Combat-smurf October 16, 2015
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A big booty girl with a fat ass
by TRUNK$ June 21, 2017
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