Charlotte has uncontrollable pee problems. She always pees in class but hides it. She keeps toilet paper in her backpack just in case. She even has her own portapotty.
by victorisstupidandweird December 06, 2017
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Charlotte is a girl. Actually, Charlotte is the girl. She is always kind, yet sarcastic, chill, but protective over her friends. She loves music, writing, drawing, and anything in the art department. She never believes any of this about herself, so she never really believes your compliments.She is somewhat introverted. When you first meet a Charlotte, she will come off as a boring, normal person. But when you really get to know her, you realize she is everything but normal. She is anxious and pretty outcasted and strange. Her eyes tell a story. If you ever have a Charlotte, be thankful and glad, you have met her.
Person #1: What do you want for Christmas?
Person #2: I want a friend like Charlotte.
by Rosabella Arden November 06, 2017
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Charlotte is nit bag who spends her time smoking cheap tobacco. At raves/parties she will ponce your nos. However, Charlotte will never fail to keep the banter bus rolling as her sense of humour is the dogs bollocks. Charlotte thinks she is a lad because she spends her life hanging around with 17/18 year olds, as she has no friends her age. She is beautiful and dresses like a butch lesbian. A total fun-loving hippie who sometimes cries when drunk. Charlotte is a dizzle bizzle who has a liking for mdma along with many other narcotics
I was at rave with Charlotte; she smokes like a trooper. Just a total nit bag she is
by Combat-smurf October 16, 2015
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A very beautiful girl who everyone is friends with.She may have a big mouth but is still so lovable.Many guys would die to have an opportunity to date her.Beware if you catch any feelings for her ,she's known not to take anyone serious .Shes also very crazy but if you have a Charlotte in your life keep her.Her body may also attract a lot of guys so keep an eye out for this one.
1:Daum just look at that big booty Charlotte I wanna taste.
2:I wish my gf was more like Charlotte.
by Fam what's tha bam July 07, 2016
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Generally a shorter girl. She is most likely dating a hockey player. Her lucky number is 9 and she loves dark areas (such as basements).
Jake:"She was at the hockey game again!"
Mike:"She is a total Charlotte"
by me-off1994 January 08, 2010
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Charlotte, located in the center of North Carolina and is famous for its lack of culture and numurous wal-marts.
i hate charlotte, its ghetto.
by dylan dechant June 08, 2005
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