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The letters C and T coded in standard NATO system. Stands for CockTease.
Karl: Man, Mike's sister is such a charlie tango.
Frank: True that. She shows but never gives.
by Yachtmaster January 15, 2005
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More of a 'code word' or 'heads up' for a Camel Toe. You cannot always point out a CAMEL TOE loudly in public without drawing attention. Instead you mudder the name "Charlie Tango ".
"Charlie Tango approahing."
by snflwrtato August 31, 2008
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when you cant talk because you have company around or especially your girlfriend..
you answer your phone and befor your friend starts talking about the girls you just met or any thing you dont wont to talk about in front of people ..just say charlie tango..
by goosensoda August 04, 2009
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