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It's a racist name that the Japanese use to call Chinese. It translates to slaves of Qing. The Qing dynasty ruled China from 1644 to 1912. The Qing dynasty was founded by a northern barbarian race called the Manchus who invaded China in the 17th century. The Manchus conquered all of China despite being outnumbered 1000:1, and they enslaved all the Chinese people for almost 300 years. The Manchus killed about 50 million Chinese people and wiped out entire cities. They were extremely brutal, and the Chinese lived in a constant state of terror for 300 years until 1912. Imagine living under the Nazis for 300 years... Sadly, the last dynasty in Chinese history wasn't ruled by the actual Chinese, and the Chinese were slaves in their own country.

The Manchus forced all Chinese to shave the front portion of their head and tie the back portion in a ponytail (like in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). This hairstyle was forced on all Chinese as a reminder of their domination and enslavement. The Manchus killed all Chinese who dared to disobey their Manchu masters. I'm not making any of this up. You can look it up yourself. The Manchus were that fucking brutal to the Chinese. Look up "death by a thousand cuts".

...and that is why the Japanese call Chinese the slaves of Qing.

Another Japanese racist name for Chinese people is Shinajin which is similar to "chink". It's not as bad as Chankoro though, because Chankoro is saying that all Chinese are slaves.

Die you stupid Chankoro (Chinese slaves of Qing)!
by Kamaitachi February 26, 2017
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Japanese derogatory slur for the Chinese, it means Chink in Japanese

I have no example for the name Chankoro
by Phaenixdrools November 28, 2006
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