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A school with the tightest kids in fburg. Filled with stoners, skaters, punks, scenesters, emos, preps, gangsters, wiggers, ho's, rockers, nerds, gamers, h4x0rz, pyros, jocks, artists, and hippies. Most of the teachers there are pretty dope. Courtland and Riverbend sometimes try to fuck up the road and the class rock. But end up getting their windows fucked and walls painted.

Also has a tight 14 set.
Chancellor High School

Dude 1: Who the fuck painted our rock?
Dude 2: Who cares? It's a fucking rock.
Dude 1: Word. Lets mack on some chicks.
by fburgmonster April 30, 2007
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a school filled with a bunch of beaners good at soccer, you will find almost no preps (unlike bend) and a bunch of hoes. The school is completely trashed and garbage. won’t be hard to find because school is filled with stoners,beaners,hoes,almost no asians, no white people that act white, and a lot of gays and trannies.
jamarcus: what are we doing to night?
jose: we go to chancellor high school! *hits blunt*
by chancellorisodghetto October 18, 2017
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