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A gentleman's game that is played like beer pong, but with champagne in the cups.

Players are encouraged to act as gentlemen at all times... such examples are: talking in a British accent, wearing a top hat, offering the first shot to the opposing team, holding out the pinky finger when drinking, shooting with perfect posture, saying words like "jolly good," "indubitably," or "tip top," etc...
Host: "Good sir, shall I interest you in a crisp match of Champong after tea and crumpets?"

Guest: "Indeed you shall fine sir, if it's a fresh licking you fancy!"
by RumpleFoarSkin October 30, 2009
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To play beer pong with champagne.
What many sororities do, but it's stupid because it's too bubbly and you throw up after.
Lisa: Wanna play champong?
Jared: No, sorry, I'm a man.
by Baller234 June 06, 2007
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