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A high-school commonly viewed as part of Brooklyn Park but actually located in Champlin. Known as a football school, basketball has started to be better as of late and hockey has always been mediocre. very clique style high school, with the band geeks doin their own thing, the jocks doin their own thing, and everyone else just trying to pass high school. Currently has not lost to Anoka in football since the Battle for the Paddle was originated.
Damn, Champlin Park whooped up on Anoka again huh.

Yeah, i've heard they never lose to Anoka in football anymore.
by Lollercopters!! April 14, 2011
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A great high school located in BP, MN. Excellent Color Guard program, with mediocre band department, attended by over 200 band geeks. Most importantly, attended by Monica, which makes it an awesome place to go to.
Champlin Park is so much better than Anoka.
by Its Dan April 08, 2003
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