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1. The premier racing series based in the United States. Races take place on road courses, street courses, and ovals. The series consists of open wheel cars weighing approx. 1550 lbs. with 750+ HP motors and no drivers' aids. 240 MPH top speed. Far superior to the Indy Racing League.

2. A race car that competes in the Champcar series.
The ChampCar race at Cleveland was a much better race than any drone-fest the Indy Racing League could ever dream to produce.
by Warlock! October 07, 2003
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Sophisticated race car driven in the CART racing series. Champ Cars are high tech racing machines requiring a high level of skill.
Champ cars are the highest level of open wheel racers in North America.
by Tony George September 26, 2003
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A once-mighty open wheel racing championship that has been reduced to a shadow of its former self with too many foreign drivers, idiotic decisions by its owners, and horrible, horrible marketing. Their races are now known as a substitute for a sleeping pill for American race fans.
I needed to get some shuteye, so I tuned in the ChampCar "race" at Surfers...went out like a light and slept like a baby.
by CE December 10, 2004
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A north american erstaz version of formula one where cars drive in small circles for hours. They are unable to race in the rain (the drivers tend to rust), and the safety car is used everytime someone coughs behind the wheel.
The series where F1 failiers can excel
Ricardo Zonta, Dario Francetti, Christian Fitipaldi, Mark Blundell etc etc etc
by black flag June 02, 2004
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