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Chalker is a fat person, specifically a girl. A girl is a Chalker when they are too big for you to wrap your arms around them when you hug them. In this situation you put pieces of chalk in your hands and mark down on the girl where your hands end. Then you would continue to the other side of the fat girl and put your hands where the chalk lines are, completing the hug.

Basically: A chalker is a fat girl that you can not fully wrap your arms around when you give them a hug.
Yo man i was at this party yesterday and Aunt Gertrude came... she is a Chalker man, i couldn't get my hands around past where her elbows would be.
by trwaszk June 12, 2011
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1. A nerdy person, usually one who wears cargo shorts.
2. A white dad at a barbecue.
3. High school frat stars who wear grey New Balance shoes and calf high white socks.
"Bro that guy is such a chalker."
by poshmads September 28, 2015
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A term used for a horrible player on a hockey team.
The guy who's so bad the coach will scratch him just to count the score, shots, hits etc. on a chalkboard. In the worst case, a chalker will be chosen even when the team has 5 or less usable players.
Guy 1:I'm moving from this team, they never play me
Guy 2: No shit they never play you, you're the chalker.
Guy 1: yea well i heard the chalker on the other team got cut! I'm there.
by Mazz46 April 08, 2009
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someone who uses chalk as an artistic medium ...can be on a chalkboard, brick wall or sidewalk...
"Daddy, you are a good chalker!"
by Emmydoodle March 22, 2010
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1. Team mates or friends that will back you up.
2. A vehicle in competitive video games that lets you throw or "chuck" grenades from the back.

3. A guy that throws or "chucks" grenades.

First brought to light on the Erik und Ahnold Show that broadcasts on the Fadderall network at twitch. The bad impersonation of a famous Austrian celebrity makes the word chuck sound like chalk. It has moved from the video game world to the real world.
1. Those guys are my chalkers, they will follow me into combat anytime.
2. Get to the chalker!
3. I need a chalker on the back of my chalker.
by FADDERALL July 04, 2016
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In Surfer speak: Someone who wears an all black wetsuit and has an all white surfboard.
by kmn December 13, 2005
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