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A fucking retarded post made by idiots on Facebook and MySpace that attempts to scare 9 year old kids into reposting some bogus, made-up, story about some tragedy and if they don't something bad will happen. These stories are 100% FAKE, as I have ignored them plenty and I am still alive and perfectly healthy. If these chain posts were real, I'd have died 5 years ago, and the world population would have seen a sharp decrease due to the amount of smart people ignoring these stupid posts every day. Seeing as the population has not been dropping as of late... it's fake. Case closed.
I don't even want to give an example of this shit. Chances, are, if you looked up this definition then you already know what a chain post is anyway.
by Chain_posts_are_FAKE October 20, 2012
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Chain-post: noun, verb A type of status update common to social networking sites that are typically intended to raise awareness of a specific cause or societal ill. Chain-posts ask the reader to copy the message and use it as their own status update so that others will read it and hopefully do the same to spread the message. Chain-posts are very similar in function to the once popular chain email with the difference that chain-posts seldom promise money for compliance and rely instead upon social pressure. Chain-posts, regardless of subject, almost always share the following traits: a request to leave the status message in place for 1 hour, mention that the poster knows which of their friends will show their support by reposting the message, and begin and end with heart and star shaped emoticons.
I read your chain-post about feline AIDS and reposted it right away, I had no idea it was so deadly. Does anyone chain-post more than Chad?
by Topper7770 June 30, 2011
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Any internet post (typically on Snapchat) that is meant to be spread and reposted from account to account.
Sarah only posts chain posts on her Snapchat story about sliding up and saying "bet".
by TonyCrisp July 19, 2018
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