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An E-mail started to scare people. In the past they were filled with scary images of what could happen if you did not send to the desired amount of people. Now they are filled with sad stories or jokes that have a tag along that tells you have to send to desired amount of people or something bad will happen.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Ugot Who?
Ugot to send this to 15 people in the next 12 minutes or your balls will fall off.
by Joe Jacobs December 14, 2004
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Some junk mail that says if you send it to 50000 people then your crush kisses you 3 days into the future.
Person 1- "I heard Catherine got a chain E-mail that said she would get kissed by Bob she asked Bob to kiss her."
Person 2- "What did Bob say?"
Person 1- "He called her stupid for believing that crap and didn't kiss her."
Person 2- "Ooh... ouch."
by Kyreshis February 17, 2008
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Mail sent to scare you, or to waste your inbox's storage. They never work and should be considered as offensive as spam.
Jay:I got a Chain E-mail telling me to make a wish and forward it, and by doing that it will come true.
Zach:Yea, did it?
Jay:Fuck no! I wished that people would stop sending me them.
Zach:You got another one then I'm assuming.
Jay:Yea, as soon as I sent it there was another one about dieing if I didn't send it to 56971.3 people.
Zach: HO'SHIT!
by Atchung May 28, 2005
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