Stereotypical high school/college apha male; successful with women in the extreme. Often oblivious rather than purposefully condescending or cruel to his fellow men.
"Did you hear? Chad Thundercock fucked three chicks at that party last weekend!"

"He high-fived me on the way out the door. I wanted to tear his face off."
by Dr. James Russell August 10, 2013
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The biggest Chad to ever walk the earth. He is the last of his kind. Born in the 1800s in Detroit, he attended the university of Detroit at birth. He is truly the definition of Chad. Some people say he is a myth, but to his loyal disciples... He is a legend. He truly is an alpha male.
by ChadTheCh February 25, 2021
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The reason all the hot girls suddenly stop answering your texts after Saturday night
After a long, hard Saturday night on Chad Thundercock's Penis, Stacy suddenly couldn't remember her name or what day of the week it was anymore and just sat in the corner drooling all curled up in a ball
by D Flawless November 4, 2019
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A Chad Von Tundercock is nucearcrab084, if you ever meet him, say hi Chad Von Thundercock, as anyone with this name can destroy the universe
Hey did you see that Mark guy?
Yea, he was such a Chad Von Thundercock.
by THECheerioBoy September 20, 2022
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