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A stupid fuck in mexico, that uses Ed Hardy and Christian Audiger, bling bling and other rediculosuly over hyped stuff. they like to show off, drive "fancy" cars and go to "quinceañera" parties. most of them are poor but pretend to be rich and important, they listen to banda and reggaeton. they generally have faux hawks, and other bad haircuts when their head is not hidden with some ugly Ed Hardy hat.

note: in most cases their clothes are boot-legs and not original designer stuff.
Hey man lets go to the mall and show off for a while , and maybe we can get some pussy . ;D <------ ASSHOLES .

Me: look at that fucking douchebag with the Ed Hardy hat.
Friend: woah dude, be careful.. ive heard he's involved with drug dealers (Chacas like to pretend their tough, and their friend with drug dealers and other dangerous people.)
by Alonso&Fernanda April 29, 2009
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A politically correct replacement for the slang form of retarded.
Brad Pitt received a philantropy award?! That's totally chaca! All he did was tag along with Angelina to Africa.

(Northern) That's wicked chaca.
by Nicky dos Anjos July 10, 2006
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