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Chabooty is the nickname for the juiciest and meatiest world class ass in k-pop owned by Cha Hakyeon of slut group VIXX.

Chabooty is internationally acclaimed and there is a rumor that a fingee touch causes a million dollars.

VIXX sluts easily touch the Chabooty for it is their dinner and pasttime and Cha Hakyeon seems to be delighted when they eat him.
"What is self-esteen when N has chabooty"
by SLY™ May 28, 2016
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1. A word to describe a female's voluptuous buttocks.
2. A word used to celebrate
1. "Dang look at that girls chabooty, it's banging."

2. Is that a new high score? Is that good? CHA-BOOOTY!"
by ReignX December 02, 2009
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