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Cglre stands for care giver little regressor, it is vaguely similar to Ddlg, except cglre is not nsfw, and not a kink.
My significant other and I are in a cglre relationship.
by Asmolbb8 June 02, 2018
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CGLRE IS NOT A KINK. It is not ddlg. It is for ACTUAL age regressors who need/want a caregiver for emotional support. It is a coping mechanism for those who had a childhood trauma.
I'm in a sfw, nonsexual cglre relationship to help cope with my childhood trauma.
by Demon-Angel June 05, 2018
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Caregiver/little regression.

Describing two consensual adults who may or may not be in a relationship. The little, representing the ‘lre’, uses psychological regression (also known as age regression), which is used to cope with stress/anxiety. The caregiver, representing the ‘cg’, takes care of their little while he/she is in little space. This is non-sexual. If it were acting it would be age play, like ddlg, which is a kink. Cglre is not acting, and when a little regresses it is typically hard to control.
I’m in a cglre relationship with my boyfriend!”
by Qt.princess June 24, 2018
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Cglre is a NON kink related ,and NON sexual age regression community.age regressors are people who act or think younger then they actually are.Btwww age regressors and littles are completely different.One is non sexual (Age regressors) and one is (littles).cglre does NOT involve any type of punishment or rules.There for it is NOT a kink in anyway once so ever.cglre relationship usually is just the caregiver (completely non sexual) reminding the age regressor to do things or helping them do things like tying there shoes or cutting up food.
“there in a cglre relationship.”
by annoyinggirl June 01, 2018
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