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Cesci is the shortened name for Francesca. You will never meet another girl as amazing as Cesci. They are talented, music-wise, kind and caring to their friends and great at knowing what she wants. Her looks are stunning, and her beautiful hair will always look gorgeous even if she’s having a bad hair day. If Cesci doesn’t like somebody, she’ll try to give hints and let them know nicely, even though she wants to slap them inside- so take the hint. If you have a friend called Cesci, make sure to treasure her, because they will always be there for you and by your side always. In other words, she’s a loyal queen.
Cesci’s a loyal queen.
by AO Jonas July 07, 2019
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Normally shortened for Francesca. A girl who can be really funny and sweet if you get to know her well. She is really fun to be around and will be the light and soul of any party. Is a player with boys and is often known as the slutty one. Once your are friends with cesci you will create memories you will never forget. Be careful though, get on her bad side and she will be bitching about you for day's.
Guy - hey this girl was really sweet and she turned me on
Guy 2 - she must be a Cesci
by Himyfriend February 18, 2013
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