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A name to describe those who neither fall in the domain of SoCal nor in the domain of NorCal.

A lost California soul, caught in the middle of a feud between two polar regions.
Announcer: "Where all my SoCalers at?"
Crowd goes wild. Then Silence.
Announcer: "What about my NorCalers?"
Crowd goes wild again. Then Silence.
Pause, one guy: "What about CenCal? Represent!"
Another guy: "Yeah!"
by Calkid December 06, 2005
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Central California. Where you either drive a lifted or lowered truck. Within a square mile you are related to atleast one person in one way, shape, or form. Either way its where the best of the best reside (at times) and usually move away from once they experience Southern or Northern California.
"Who's that bad ass mother fucker over there?" "Oh that's Shawn, he's from Cen Cal."
by 40 Hands August 29, 2006
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That one place in California everybody forgets exists and is trapped in a polar battle between NorCal and SoCal, often times is either seen as non-existent or having a negative connotation despite being 1 county away from LA.
Jim: Hey I went to CenCal for the week.
John: What's that?
Juan: That is that one place full of incest loving, hippy happy, fat asses.
Jim is now confused on why Juan brought this up.
by AnActualParakeet August 21, 2018
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