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A blood-elf rogue formerly known as "King of Ravenholdt" who actually turned out to be the character played by the Colorado Shooter: James Holmes on World of Warcraft.
I heard one of the key signs of withdrawal from James Holmes is the sudden disappearance of "Cefka".

-Quits playing WoW which he has played for many years-
by Starien July 29, 2012
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A valiant man/women who plays World of Warcraft for the sole purpose of JUSTICE. He is also the the King of Ravenholdt, also known as the King of Trolls.

He is the brave soul who risked his life to bring life back to trade chat.
Yet many low lives despise him for being a troll.
He plays on the server Ravenholdt, his main character is a lv 85 blood elf rouge.
Cefka fangirl: Hey Cefka I love you!
Cefka hater: CEFKA SUCKS!
Cefka fangirl: Shut up noob!
Cefka: Laugh Out Loud! Does anyone notice that my haters are getting more hated than me? I'm so famous! I'm going to check the dictionary now for clever words to say!
by Whitewing June 29, 2011
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