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Cedra, a cute loving person, born to hit the earth and shine! Cedra is someone who’s beatiful in their own way, unique and loyal. They back their friends in all situations. Cedra is the name of one of heavens doors.

She is a cute, loyal, caring and the best girlfriend you can ever have. She fills your heart with positive and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her love. She never lets you regret being in a relationship with her, and has eyes that tell the deepest story’s, eyes heavier then diamonds, eyes you could look into and never get bored.

Cedra’s smile warms hearts and her laughs makes you love her more. Her smiles adorable. If you tell Cedra ‘ily’ and she looks you in the eyes and laughs, smiles and says ‘ your an idiot’ your the luckiest man ever!

Cedras personalities are banging, loving, her personalities can blow your mind, she’s an amazing person to go to when you have anything to say, cedra listens and understands problems and is always there to give advice.

Cedra forgives people whatever they do, and if you see her cry or upset hug her, give her a shoulder to cry on and tell her you love her.

She makes right choices and is very intelligent!
‘Cedra’s’ my babygurll

Touch Cedra And I’ll Fight you
Isn’t ‘Cedra’ cute?
Cedra’s a angel that came down to earth
by cedra lover August 09, 2018
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soft drink with yellow pale color and distinguish taste, often served cold with Pea Nuts.
a very famous adv in Italy in the sixties:

How many thing do you want to accomplish in life?
how to build, how to invent?
But find a cheerful moment for me.
For you, your friends and your family...
by maru jan September 22, 2008
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