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A school in central PA known for being filled with awkward, mostly drug-addicted students who have a strong hatred toward rednecks at Red Land.

Every day some kind of fight breaks out, a part of the school catches on fire, or one of the teachers has a meltdown at the audacity of 'kids these days'.

The sports teams rock and always kick Red Land's ass, yet the school board spends more money on renovating a piece of shit school than they ever would on extra-curricular activities people actually care about.

Everywhere you turn people are dry-humping in the hallway and can not be separated, even with crowbars.

Cedar Cliff is most popular for having "creeper" teachers that enjoy having young girls suck chalk dust, hand sanitizer and milk shakes off their fingers. Students are also known for complying whole-heartedly with this to get better grades.

Even though a McDonald's is a two minute walk away, OSS is given out for going there during lunch.

Half the female population in the school is pregnant, has had a pregnancy scare, or insists on pretending they are pregnant to get a sufficient amount of attention.

The school is so hot in the summer that kids pass out daily from it and in the winter, if you aren't wearing a snow suit, you are generally so cold that some part of your body develops frost bite.

Most of the classes are considered a joke and the teachers cannot honestly relate how any of what you are learning will apply to your career later in life.
Jack: She just had her fourth kid and is still addicted to heroin.

Jill: Must have went to Cedar Cliff.
by cedarcliffsucks March 28, 2011
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