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1) When the government or government officals destroys your property or assets and you have to pay for any damages, repairs, legal costs and any further government taxes to do with said property or assets.

2) Where the government legally aquires your property without permission and destroys it in order to make way for a highway or another government owned structure.

This word was made famous when Marcus Licinius Crassus who came from a wealthy roman family created the first fire brigade in Rome and would have hundreds of men on hand to help put out the flames. Unfortunatly the firemen refused to help without gaining at least a third of the price of the property, these deals were usually made whilst the property was burning.

Augustus Ceaser adopted this Idea and built his own fire brigade where he would burn down other peoples properties and then claim them as damaged goods which could be legally aquired by Augustus Ceaser.
Government: Excuse me sir we have aquired your home to make way for a highway with tolls

Joe Blow: What Ive been living on this land for fifty years you can't do that

Government: Is it a bird is it plane, no It's Ceaser's Fire brigade now piss off.
by blashada October 18, 2012
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