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A Caydee by definition is a girl whose beauty far exceeds the beauty of all other girls on our small planet ,she is brim full of forgiveness and forgives the people who treat her the worst even when they cheat and hurt her feelings .

A Caydee is super smart and wants more than anything to be a mother so she can pass on her beauty and kindness to the next generation,she is one of only two people who can defeat Chuck Norris in single combat,her technique as the only know human being to create her own slow motion entrances is said to be her weapon to get close to Mr.Norris so she can touch his arm gently and stop his heart .

A master of sweetnessocity a Caydee can make anyone feel better even if their having the worst time ,she is always cool and lights up any room she walks into .
"That girl is so pretty ,she might as well be a Caydee",-girl1.
"Agreed,Chuck Norris doesn't stand a chance",-girl2.
by superlemon May 25, 2014
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the slut of the school and always gets dicks whenever she asks for them. most commonly known as the class slut and fooled a man named Andrew for a man named Guca
god that girl is such a caydee
by LIAM!! October 25, 2016
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