The feminine version of horny; when a woman is sexually aroused; representing a moist, warm, dark place to go.
Honey, I'm feeling really cavey right now. Can we go to bed?
by Kimilla July 16, 2010
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Origin: Ireland-Derry and Donegal (Northern Ireland)

The surname Cavey is anglicized form of Mac Dhaibhidh a variant of Mac Daibhidh or Mac Daibheid ("son of David").
Surname: Cavey pronounced "K V"
by Cavewoman March 2, 2012
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really together guy, probably will become a professional tramp when older, and be good at it.
wow i sure hope there's some kind of cavey down this here street we can throw coins at and make dance...
by gangesh April 27, 2004
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drugs man... drugs..
So where the safe at I want the loot and the cavey
Yo money or yo life so punk act like you savey
by i3ki3 June 13, 2008
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