Basically the most gorgeous girl in the world. Has the cutest smile that will just melt your heart. Her laugh is annoying, but over time will grow on you. She has the hottest body, and is a freak in the sheets.
Wow, she really rode that dick! She is so amazing, I love me a Catheryne!
by HerDadCallsMeJeffery January 13, 2019
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The Best looking,cute,sweet,kind,sexy,caring,person ever
Catheryn-Blonde, Basically A Goddess
by dj 69 September 18, 2009
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Most wonderful person in the world. She is athletic and knows how to play instruments. She is a caring person and fun to be around with. She is so funny and everyone who is friends with her loves her. She may be mean at times but is so much fun.
Person 1: who is that she seems fun
Person 2: oh that's Catheryn
by Locer March 21, 2018
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The sweetest and kindest girl you could ever possible meet. She's shy but once you get to know her she can be a great friend for the rest of your life.

If you are the luckiest man on earth and manage to date a Catheryne then you must never let her go, as she is a fragile and loving person.

Even though she is shy, she I very inquisitive about cock and knows how to give 'perfect head', and isn't afraid to try new things in bed!
That girl you met last night looks like a Catheryne.

Yeah I know, she gives the best head
by [_]7 January 4, 2017
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