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A powerful Russian monarch from the 18th century who was falsely rumored to have been crushed to death while trying to have intercourse with a horse.
That girl loves dick so much she's like Catherine the Great.
by L. Anders January 01, 2008
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Catherine II of Russia (1729-1796), also known as Catherine the Great, was one of the best leaders in Russian history, ruling from 1762 to her death. A princess from an obscure but well-connected royal family, Catherine was chosen by Empress Elizabeth of Russia as a bride for her nephew and heir, Peter III.
Catherine and Peter were horribly mismatched; she was intellectual, ambitious, pensive, witty, and eager to become the Empress; Peter was pockmarked, immature, boorish, lacked common sense, scorned Russia, and adored Prussia (which earned him many detractors). Catherine, neglected by Peter, studied politics and philosophy while gaining allies for herself. In 1762, she led a coup d'Γ©tat against Peter, who had become Emperor and was thoroughly disdained.

With Peter out of the way, Catherine set to work on improving and modernizing Russia. Under her, the empire expanded, improved administration, and was revitalized with her humanitarian ideals, although she was ruthless when threatened.
In July 1796, she suffered a stroke in her powder room and died in bed the following day.
Catherine the Great, while known for her romances, did not die during intercourse with a stallion; the French made this up to discredit a woman of power.

While Catherine had twelve lovers in her lifetime, this was tame for an aristocrat of that time.

The great love of Catherine's life was Prince Grigory Potemkin (1739-1791); he was her military leader and her equal intellectually, politically, and socially. She called him "My Tiger", "My Cossack", "My Golden Pheasant".
by Lorelili January 25, 2011
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Queen of Russia, who died as a result of being crushed by a horse during intercourse with it.
Catherine the Great loved big dicks so much that she even died while fucking a horse.
by Concord June 06, 2005
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