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Cathelynne, also commonly Caitlin or Cate, is a feminine name denoting sheer brilliance and oft perfection.
It is derived from the Irish "Caitlin" or Greek "Katharos" meaning "pure."

A Cathelynne is a marvel of humanity, capable of restoring hope wherever she may tread. It is not uncommon to find a Cathelynne practicing and perfecting various art forms simultaneously - examples include (but are not limited to): poetry, writing, painting, sketching, photography. There exists a widely held belief that such a person will one day transcend the limitations of regional linguistics and uncover the key to a mother-language that can be globally understood.

One of the hobbies that a Cathelynne enjoys immensely, is reading. They tend to be perfectly suited for careers in education, given their supreme intellect and passion for teaching.

Although a Cathelynne might initially seem shy, a friend can expect stalwart support.
They can be incredibly romantic and enjoy dancing.

Their beauty borders on the impossible and a Cathelynne can steal any heart that she so desires. They are usually dark of hair, and possess the most stunning of voices with which to sing along to musicals with.

The radiance of her soul ensures that a Cathelynne will be considered a classical master of modern times in whatever she should choose to devote herself to.
And lo, her name is Cathelynne, and she is the Chosen One.

I knew that when I kissed Cathelynne, I would feel married to her forever.

I can't blame Heinrich for not being able to spend one moment without Cathelynne by his side.
by DrForseti November 20, 2013
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A decidedly average, unremarkable girl who is completely and utterly in love with a man named Heinrich, who has granted this love to her although it is undeserved.
by prrrrofnox November 19, 2013
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