To beat up, or fight, a promise to put hands on somebody,to hurt physicaly
That nigga owes me money he is gonna have to catch fade.
by Sudds May 22, 2008
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Get knocked out. Telling someone that they will be repercussions if something does/doesn't happen in the form of getting knocked out.
Yo, you gonna catch a fade if you keep talkin slick.
by Dman4Life December 7, 2017
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when someone ask u to fight and u dont konw what their saying.
foo#1: eey dawg wanna catch a fade.
foo#2:ok let me call my barber.
by rustyshakelford January 21, 2010
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An urban way of telling someone you want to fight them
Hey man you got my white tee dirty, lets catch a fade.
by looisnoono69 February 4, 2009
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